Glamp Mish

Glamp Mish is like summer camp only Glamorous!

Our Glamp Mish starts with the back story: I started working at my children’s school over 3 years ago, pre divorce. It was the perfect mommy job; part time, off when the kids are off and a little extra money. I continued through my divorce and current because it works not only with my kids but I am going back to school as well (I never finished my degree in interior design) now for Criminal Justice (funny how we find out life passions during the lowest points of life:). When making the decisson to get a part time summer job or be a full time mom this summer I decided it very well could be my last non-working summer with my kids. I had to make this the best summer ever! In my humble opinion it has been for me personally.

Welcome to Glamp Mish:

How does one even have the best summer ever?? It seemed like a daunting task and scared the shit out of me. We started with a Summer Bucket list : Crested Butte Colorado (our as we call it Crusty Butt), Glenwood Springs and Backpacking (my oldest daughters summer bucket for two summers now – she’s 11! I think I need another year.) We have two major theme parks here in Denver, one is Water World, we got season passes. And we always do the local library reading programs, add in their time with dad and birthday parties, play dates, and other camps it was some what do able. After a bit of research on Pinterest I found camp theme weeks, brilliant!!


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