Theme Week: Welcome Summer

Welcome Summer

welcome summer basket

Welcome Summer baskets:

From Dollar Tree:

Handle basket – I saw a pin about using these for snacks in the car and                                originally had that in mind for them. My kids use them on the railing of                                their bunk beds as a bedside caddy. 🙂

Cup with straw, squirt gun, coloring book, work search book, and Pop                                 Rocks because they are fabulous! And sunglasses.

From The Children’s place:

Flip flops – There was a great sale in May the flip flops were $2 a pair!                                 Such a great deal when you have to buy 4 of everything.

In all each basket was less than $10 a piece and the kids were so excited when they walked in our house and saw a basket welcoming them home from dad’s. I also grabbed other random summer type things to bring out throughout the summer; kites, glow sticks, water balloons…

With each theme when we go to the library I have the kids pick out books, an audio book to listen in the car and movies. Of course the blog is after the fact…and I can’t remember everything. :/

Book ideas:

“The day the Crayons Quit”

“Judy Moody and the not Bummer Summer”

Movie ideas:

“Now and then”

“Stand by me”

“Sand lot”


King Arthur and his Knights


Audio Book:

“King Arthur and his knights” The kids adored this story, we listened all week driving around town finishing while we drove to the local Renaissance Festival. And bonus because the book was over 600 pages all the kids met and exceeded their reading logs at the library. Mom win!


“Princess Academy” by Shannon Hale – My oldest daughter (11) loved this book


I tried a beef stew, the kids were all about it when I was making it. They ate minimal. And then snuck into snacks later. I swear I wont buy snacks anymore then I sucker into it.



Funny story: We are walking through the Renessance Festival and a performer / vender points at my dress and says, “I like your Cos Play of Arizona Iced tea”. I still like the dress, we call it my AZ tea dress.







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